About us

Clover sisters, Alice, Isabelle, Margaret and Gwyneth are born in a small country house in Wales. This website is meant to keep in one place their experiences and researches.


Alice Clover

Alice Clover is a student who likes to share her interest in beauty and health. She is researching the tools and ingredients to achieve natural beauty in the best possible way. Alice discovered her interest in beauty and fashion from the earliest days when even the dog had to have the fashionable fur.


Isabelle CloverIsabelle Clover is a mother of four and that is her full time job. Before she become a full time mother, Isabelle was a preschool teacher, always lead by the thought that children are the precious little people and our investment in the future of mankind.  Now, when the oldest two are in school, Isabelle found the time to get involved into the web project with her sisters.

Margaret CloverMargaret Clover is a chef and gourmand. Food and travel are her passions. While traveling, Margaret collects local recipes and constantly improves her  cooking skills . The world of food is constantly changing and whenever we improvise our meal, Margaret would say that we are making a part in history of cooking.

Gwyneth CloverGwyneth Clover is a botanist. She devoted herself to research and writing about medicinal properties of plants while growing medicinal herbs with her husband for commercial purposes.  Gwyneth will contribute to this site with helpful and professional gardening tips along with an indication of the usefulness and healing properties of plants from around the world.

Clover sister’s website is  an idea which came one day. They all felt that, together, they can contribute to one great idea of healthy lifestyle and cherish their sisterhood by working together at the same time.