Health and beauty benefits of apples

Beauty benefits of apples

Do not throw away skin of the apples, mix them with the milk and honey. Because of the beneficial antioxidants this beauty beneficial fruit will improve the glow of the skin when topically applied. These compounds fight the destructive effects of free radicals which are directly associated with early aging. Its boosting effect on blood flow also helps with preservation the skin and the restoration of damaged one!

Principle Values*
Energy 94.64 cal
Carbohydrates 25.1342 gr
Protein 0.4732 gr
Total Fat 0.3094 gr
Dietary Fiber 4.368 gr
Folates 1.82 %
Niacin 1.82 %
Pantothenic acid 1.82 %
Pyridoxine 5.46 %
Riboflavin 3.64 %
Thiamin 1.82 %
Vitamin A 3.64 %
Vitamin C 14.56 %
Vitamin E 1.82 %
Vitamin K 3.64 %
Potassium 3.64 %
Calcium 1.092 %
Iron 1.82 %
Magnesium 1.82 %
Phosphorus 3.64 %

*Nutritive Value per Piece (182 g)

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calories diet.

Are apples good or bad for your teeth


Apple is a natural toothbrush

Apple has ability to stimulate the gums and to remove the plaque and stains from the surface of the tooth with its crunchy texture and tough skin.


Apple is a natural breath freshener

Fiber rich fruits like apples are great for getting rid of bad breath, and it is accomplished by apple’s ability to clean the back of your tongue where debris tends to accumulate and the most odor-causing bacterias lurk.


Apple can be harmful to your teeth

Dental experts are claiming that the apple can be bed for your teeth because of its high sugar content, which can harm the teeth, and high level of acidity, which erodes tooth enamel.

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Apple remedy for glowing skin

Mix one tablespoon of grated apple, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of milk. Use it in the morning to massage the face skin with your finger tips for a few minutes. Wash face normally after it, but do not use the soap, just lukewarm water.

apple remedy glowing skin

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