Health and beauty benefits of aubergine

Health benefits of aubergine

Aubergine (Solanum melongena) or eggplant is a deeply purple, glossy beauty, and a healthy, low calorie vegetable (technically a vine fruit) with unique taste and texture and range of shapes and sizes. This healthy vegetable is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B1, B3, B6, niacin, copper, dietary fiber, folic acid, nasunin, potassium, chlorogenic acid and folate. Nasunin found in aubergine skin, which is responsible for its purple color is a powerful antioxidant that protected brain cells.

Humble aubergine with its impressive array of vitamins and minerals is going to help you with: rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer prevention, cholesterol levels, stress, blood flow to the brain, weight management, asthma and heart health.

Aubergine water for cholesterol reduction

One small aubergine cut into slices and cover with 3 cups of water. Leave it in a refrigerator for about 12 hours. Consume this amount of water throughout one day, sip at the time. Lemon juice can be added for the taste. Use it at least one month to see results.

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