Health and beauty benefits of currants

Health benefits of currants

The red, black and white colored currants (Ribes rubrum, Ribes nigrum, Ribes rubrum ‘White Grape’) with a soft and delicate skin are a summer delicacies and one of the fruits with highest antioxidant levels. This juicy, sweet fruits are a drupelets, or a cluster of fruits with a fine range of nourishing components.

Tasty and nutrient dense currants are low in calories and carbohydrates, virtually fat free, and a good source of dietary fibers which are essential for optimum health. All those factors contribute to why currants are a good low carbs and low calorie diet.

Healthful currants are best consumed in their natural raw state and they are going to help you with: weight management, bone health, eye health, periodontal health, blood clotting, endothelial dysfunction, blood sugar levels, memory performance, cancer prevention, digestive health, sore throat, stroke, atherosclerosis and menstruation regulation.

4 Interesting facts about currants

1This “forbidden fruit” remains largely unknown in the United States due to the federal ban on growing blackcurrants in the early 1900s, when blackcurrants, helped spread a fungus that killed pine trees, and were considered a threat to the logging industry.

2Redcurrants have lower glycemic index value (GI) than most other fruits. The sugar from redcurrants is slowly absorbed in the blood and thereby prevents insulin spikes after meals.

3Organic and cold pressed black currant seed oil is a popular health supplement and unusually powerful nutritional oil with many beauty end health benefits.

4Strong flavoured blackcurrants can be eaten raw however some people will find them a little bit tart on their own.

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Improve your eyesight and vision naturally

Clinical trials have discovered that the consumption of blackcurrants improves the eyes’ ability to adapt to the dark, prevents oxidative damage to eyes, reduces the risk of cataract and lowers the chances of vision loss.

Boost your immune system with redcurrants

One study showed that redcurrants have ability to improve the immune responsiveness of the body in the people who exercised regularly by reducing muscle damage and soreness and strengthening the immune system.

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Take 1/4 cup of red currants, add the juice of 1 lemon and mash all together thoroughly. Add the honey into the mixture. Serve and eat immediately.

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