Health and beauty benefits of potatoes

Health benefits of potatoes

Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are the leading vegetable crop in the world and important food sources, even loved by children who refuse to eat their vegetables. They are a rich carbohydrate source, sodium and cholesterol free with surprising health benefits and much better food than simple carbohydrates like sugar or biscuits. Potatoes make you feel full for longer and because of that you will eat less.

Potatoes are going to help you with: weight management, digestion, scurvy, bone health, cancer prevention, stress, high blood pressure, nervous system health, heart diseases, kidney stones and diarrhea.

Potato fever reducer home remedy

Take one grated potato and fill up the socks. This is used to reduce fever in children, so use socks that belongs to adult, bigger ones. Then put the socks on the child’s feet. Now leave it for an hour or so. Potato will get dry and brown and fever will be reduced.

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potato fever reducer home remedy