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Apples and pesticides

Majority of conventional apples have pesticide remains on their peels. Rinsing apples and rubbing them with the cloth at some level is enough to do the trick, but, making use of chemical rinses as well as other solutions for washing is not advised.

Growing organic apples is not so difficult

Work the soil under your apple trees. Prune about 20% of the previous year’s growth. Use organic sprays. Use aged manure to fertilize apple trees . Wrap your apple tree trunks. Buy covers for each apple. Constantly and thoroughly clean under apple trees.

chocolate apple sticks recipe

Easy to make chocolate apple sticks recipe

Loving apple covered in chocolate and all that on the stick, sounds like a description of an ultimate pleasure. Easy to make, chocolate apple sticks are also a source of great fun, both, making and eating.

healthy apple salad recipe

Simple healthy apple salad recipe

This brilliant fresh apple salad is so simple and easy to make, but sometimes less is more, especially if you eating.