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The only way to enjoy tasty and juicy flavor of apricots is to grow your own apricot tree, because only apricots grown and ripened on the tree have the full aroma and taste. Home grown apricots are beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat and you can have just one apricot tree in your garden, because they do not require more than one tree for pollination. Having this remarkably easy to grow from seeds fruit in your garden is a pure delight and there are even dwarf varieties for a pot on the patio, but they are rare and not very reliable. Apricots bloom quite early in the spring, so they need a sheltered, warm position on a sloping site in order to protect the blossom from frost, additionally you can use a fleece blanket. It is a good idea to avoid middle of a field position because apricot tree is heat sensitive too. Avoid pruning in winter and thin the fruit at regular intervals. The fruit is ready for harvesting when it is slightly soft and easily detachable, and be careful, to avoid bruising.

apricot goat cheese bites recipe

Apricot and goat cheese bites recipe

Simple apricot recipe, yet rich in flavors and colors, great starter or desert. Bite sized snacks, easy to make and simply delicious.

apricot chicken curry recipe

Apricot chicken curry recipe

Light dish, easy and quick to make. Add apricots into your chicken curry to make them special. Chicken and apricots with a hint of curry, the whole family will just love it.

homade apricot yogurt recipe

Homemade apricot yogurt recipe

Apricots combined with yogurt are already winning combination, but with some honey and some apricot pieces, kids will just love it. Classic apricot yogurt, let’s not forget best fruit yogurt at all times.

apricot jam recipe

Apricot homemade jam recipe

Apricot jam is widely used in the kitchen. His mild taste will highlight any taste you want to be the prime one and subtly connect all. Making apricot jam will surely pay off, it is simple enough to make and ways of use are just endless.

apricot fool twist recipe

Apricot cheese cream recipe

Wonderfully easy to make, easy to serve as well. Enjoy a glass of delicious cream whit fresh cream cheese taste and those sweet apricots.

dried apricots recipe

How to dry apricots with a dehydrator

Healthy, perfectly sized snack, sweet and available year-round, dried apricots are also valuable ingredients to many dishes from starters, throughout main courses to delicious deserts. One of the best ways to preserve fruit for later use is drying.

apricot muffins recipe

Tasty apricot muffins recipe

This very tasty apricot stuffed muffins with a lovely almond scent are specialty and real treat for the whole family, especially kids love them! Muffins are always great, try this apricot recipe while fresh apricots are available.

fresh apricot sauce recipe

Fresh apricot sauce recipe

This quick to make, delicious homemade apricot sauce with wonderful flavor is extremely easy to cook and very nice over ice cream, waffles or pancakes. Apricot sauce will agree with every meal, it’s smooth and delicious way to improve your steak or pancakes.