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Growing aubergine is easy where summers are warm and long, because the plant is very sensitive to cold but is a must if you’re a fan of outdoor grilling and healthy eating. Aubergine have a small to medium sized bush and comes in different sizes, shapes and colors of the fruits. Aubergine can’t handle frosts at all and should be planted after the chance of any sort of frost, but if you can get them off to a good start an excellent harvest awaits you. To protect seedlings from any sort of frost planting aubergine from seed should be done indoors and set transplants in the garden 3 weeks after last frost in spring. Aubergine loves warm, fertile, well-drained, slightly acid soil and make sure the soil stays somewhat moist in summer. Aubergine should be spaced 24 to 36 inches apart in well prepared beds. Aubergine is ready for harvest when the fruit is glossy, firm, and full colored but picked when not completely ripe or overripe aubergine fruits can taste bitter, spongy and not as tasty.

aubergine pizza slices recipe

Aubergine pizza slices recipe

With this fantastically healthy recipe, you don’t have to worry about too much calories and still enjoy in homemade tasty pizza slices made of aubergine.

healthy aubergine soup recipe

Healthy aubergine soup recipe

I am a fan of this delicious aubergine soup with smooth texture, light taste and a lovely pale color, you should definitely try it.