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Homegrown carrots are simply fabulous and delicious. You should choose the right root size and shape of carrots for your soil, preferably well-drained, loose, crumbly soil without stones, with plenty of organic matter and pH between 6.0 – 6.5. For best possible crop dig up the soil and loosen it, add plenty of mature compost and remove stones. Thin carrot seedlings 1 inch apart in the beginning and thin again 2 weeks later to achieve 2 and 4 inches spacing. Keep the soil moist and reduce weed problems. Remove roots from the ground when they reach mature size and and full color.

carrot cookies recipe

Healthy carrot cookies recipe

Healthy carrot cookies, is that a real thing? I had to try and yes, it is. Since I tried it, bunnies are regular on the tea each day.

healthy carrot salad recipe

Fabulous healthy carrot salad recipe

It is a easy to make, keeps well, and it’s good for you. The fabulous carrot salad is a must if you haven't already try it.