Category: Tips for growing cherries

Self sterile cherries have a reputation to be a bit of a handful to grow, but with development of a self pollinating varieties you can have a good harvest if you are able to conquer a few obstacles like diseases and birds. With or without extensive gardening experience you can grow dwarf cherry trees easily, even in large containers. Both types of cherry trees prefer a sunny site with good air circulation and fertile, well drained soil with pH 6.5-6.7. In the early spring protect cherry flowers from frost damage and mulch cherries with well rotted organic matter. In the first year keep the cherry tree consistently watered, thinning is not necessary. Drape netting over trees to protect those attractive, shiny fruits from birds. Harvest cherries when their sugar content rises dramatically preferably during dry weather by cutting the stalks with scissors.

sweet cherry jam recipe

Homemade sweet cherry jam recipe

Save the cherry sweetness for after season and considerable amount of money. Homemade cherry jam can very easy become your favorite breakfast. For the cherry jam is best to use white tart cherries or sour cherries instead, if you can’t find the white ones.

how to dry cherries at home

How to dry sweet cherries in a dehydrator

Preserve summer fruit for healthy snacks around year. Cherry season is very short, for us who adores them, it passes in a blink of an eye. Dehydrated cherries are storable and ready for wide range of recipes in our kitchen.

sweet cherry chicken lettuce wraps recipe

Sweet cherry chicken lettuce wraps

Summer in a wrap. Light meal refreshed with cherry sweetness. Made this complete meal effortlessly, and taste summer wrapped in a fresh lettuce leaves.

sweet cherry cheesecake chocolate cups recipe

Sweet cherry cheesecake chocolate cups recipe

Delicious eatable cups, made entirely of chocolate, and with cherry cheese cream inside. Effortless and fun to make at home.

sweet cherry vanilla trifle recipe

Sweet cherry vanilla trifle recipe

Delicious and light, combination of lady fingers, pudding, cream and cherries, all in one glass. Cherry trifle is so easy to make.

Sweet cherry cupcake recipe

Soft and fluffy, cherry cupcakes are easily baked, brilliantly smart desert that looks and tastes just like it’s made in paradise. Cupcake and the cherry on the top, classic and decadent desert.

sweet cherry tart recipe

Fresh sweet cherry tart recipe

Sweet and refreshing, easy to make, ideal for sharing during long summer evenings. Your friends will love crusty sweetness covered by fresh cherries. Fresh cherry taste combined with almond richness makes this recipe so special.

cherry French toast roll ups recipe

Cherry French toast roll ups recipe

Sometimes you just have to start day with this rich and sweet breakfast. Easy to prepare, but looks luxuriously and combined cherry, cinnamon and cocoa flavors are delicate and heavenly.