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Sweet corn is an annual warm weather vegetable, easy to grow in any garden during the long, sunny days of summer. Corn needs plenty of space, should be planted in blocks because of wind pollinated, demands fertile well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.8, full sun, adequate soil moisture and nutrients. You should plant a corn seeds 1 inch deep and 8 inches apart, and space rows 30 to 36 inches apart two weeks before the last expected frost date. You may choose to fertilize with an organic fertilizer such as well rotted compost or or dehydrated animal manures at planting time, and again 6 weeks later, when the plants start to produce tassels. Corn will retain moisture during hot and dry weather if you are weeding, but don't damage the roots. Harvest when tassels begin to turn chocolate brown and bleeds a light milky sap like skim milk when you squeeze a grain between thumbnail and fingernail.

honey corn recipe

Delicious honey sweet corn recipe

Homemade, delicious, sweet, easy to make and yummy to eat. Enjoy this honey sweet corn delight with your family and friends.

corn sticks recipe

Delicious sweet corn sticks recipe

Well, corn is already on the stick, but why not make a way more fun. Corn sticks are colorful and funny snack for your children or unusual starter for your party.

chicken polenta recipe

Fabulous chicken polenta recipe

Fabulous way to make elegant dish out of plain ingredients. I’s crunchy, it’s delicious, and it’s a whole meal on one plate. Chicken polenta can become favorite dish in your household.

tortilla sweet corn recipe

Tortilla filled with sweet corn recipe

My favorite tortilla filled with sweet corn recipe. Crusty and creamy with natural sweetness of sweet corn. Perfect lazy supper.

corn sauce recipe

Sweet corn in sauce recipe

Easy and fun, just make sauce to your taste and sprinkle over the corn. This sauce is easy and half prepared already I your fridge.

healthy corn cakes recipe

Healthy sweet corn cakes recipe

This corn cakes will impress your family or guests on breakfast. Rich and healthy, corn cakes will make delicious and nutritious meal.

caramel popcorn recipe

How to make caramel popcorn

Sweet popcorn, crunchy, seducing, perfect for snacking and easy to make. Make your own caramel popcorn for your movie pleasure.

healthy corn salad recipe

Healthy sweet corn salad recipe

Corn salad is full of fresh veggies with just the right amount of acidity from tomato and lemon. This easy, refreshing corn salad truly captures essence of summer.