Category: Tips for growing cucumbers

Home grown cucumbers taste sweet and refreshing and no summer garden should be without. They are easy and fast growing plants with ability to grow in any amount of space. Ideally, soil for cucumbers should be warm, fertile, neutral or slightly alkaline with full sun and sufficient moisture. When soil temperature reaches 60 degrees plant seedlings 18 to 36 inches apart, bush varieties will tolerate a closer spacing. Water consistently or you going to end up with bitter tasting cucumbers, keep them moist, but not soaking. Don't allow the cucumbers to become overripe and yellow, harvest them while they are young and tender.

cucumber cups recipe

Refreshing cucumber cups recipe

Refreshing cucumber bites are just perfect for summer meals. Cucumber cups are colorful and full of vitamins and they will make you smile.

healthy cucumber salad recipe

Healthy cucumber salad recipe

This is a simple low in calorie count salad with fresh flavor of crunchy cucumbers. This healthy salad is very refreshing on hot summer days.