Category: Tips for growing currants

Low maintenance currants are a very easy fruit to grow and a good additions to the home garden. Vigorous growing currants need full sun, but they will tolerate light shade, however if they are in too much shade, they won’t produce any fruit. They are not hard to please regarding soil, average fertility is all they need, however regular pruning and training is required and a good drainage. Self-fertile currants should be set out in early spring and once established they will produce berries up to 20 years if you take care of them. Currants don't demand too much care because they are resistant to common diseases, but this shallow rooted plant need to be watered during the day and moisture needs to be at the surface. They are best picked as soon as they are ripe and easily detachable. Harvest currants in the morning on cool, dry days and avoid bruising them.

cabbage salad red currants recipe

Cabbage salad with fresh red currants recipe

Lovely combination, healthful and delicious. Red currants will add so much flavor into fresh cabbage salad.

steak redcurrant sauce recipe

Steak with redcurrant sauce recipe

This delicious savory sauce brings so many lovely tastes to your favorite steak. Sweet currants, and lovely salad in combination with strong taste of steak will indulge all of your senses.

redcurrant smoothie recipe

Fresh redcurrant smoothie recipe

Fresh redcurrant smoothie is a delicious refreshment with vibrant color and that untouchable redcurrant taste. It’s easy to make and so lovely to enjoy in.

redcurrant ice puds recipe

Fresh redcurrant ice puds recipe

Beautiful light dessert, easy to make, even easier to use, once stored into deep freeze, it will be available for a quick grab on a hot day or summer night.

redcurrant iced tea recipe

Fresh redcurrant iced tea recipe

Fresh red currants are available for a short time, we like to use that time profusely. Redcurrant iced tea is a perfect way to stay hydrated while enjoying delicate taste of refreshment.

redcurrant yogurt cakes recipe

Delicious redcurrant yogurt cakes recipe

This delicious, sweet currant yogurt cake is easy to make. Can be served with addition of fresh currants or whipped cream, or whatever your imagination brings you.

redcurrant coconut cream cakes recipe

Redcurrant coconut cream cheesecakes recipe

The perfect combination of red currants and exotic coconut. Creamy and beautiful, this redcurrant coconut cheesecake is delicate, easy to make and easy on the eyes.

homemade redcurrant sauce recipe

Homemade fresh redcurrant sauce recipe

This delicious, vibrant, homemade redcurrant sauce with a nice savory rich flavor is simple and easy to make and can be done in under 10 minutes from start to finish. It is also great drizzled over pancakes or ice cream.