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Growing figs successfully is easy in areas with long, hot summers, but this should not discourage you, figs can also be grown in large containers. This attractive, delicious treat requires proper winter protection, minimum of 8 hours of sunlight daily during the growing season and well-drained soil with plenty of well-rotted organic matter, to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Young fig trees need regular watering to become established and throughout the summer for highest yields. To conserve moisture mulch around the tree and little pruning is required in late winter just before growth begins. Be sure to remove all dead, diseased, broken or crossing fig branches to encourage growth. Delicious figs are ready for harvesting when completely ripe, slightly soft to the touch, fully colored and split when gently squeezed. You may want to wear gloves and long sleeves when harvesting because the milky sap from the tree can irritate your skin.

fresh fig bread recipe

Sweet and healthy fresh fig bread recipe

Sweet breakfast or Sunday picnic, or energy snack, all these roles are perfect for our star – FIG BREAD, simple delicious and fulfilling.

fresh fig cheesecake almonds recipe

Fresh fig cheesecake with almonds recipe

This fresh fig cheesecake is easy to make. Pleasure of crunchy crust and tasty fresh figs, enriched with grounded almonds can be all yours, just follow our video instructions.

figs stuffed cream cheese recipe

Fresh figs stuffed with cream cheese

Rich taste of sweet tasting fresh figs combined with creamy cheese is a perfect summer delight, try it, you are not going to regret it.

fresh fig salad recipe

Delicious fresh fig salad recipe

This delicious, fresh fig salad recipe is so simple, sweet and nutritious. You can make this beautifully sweet and salty fig salad in just a few minutes.