Category: Tips for growing ginger

Since ginger requires low amount of sunlight and it does not tolerate frost, it is the perfect herb to grow indoors. You can save money and ensure that your ginger is grown naturally by growing it yourself and you can always have fresh ginger rhizome on hand because part of the ginger rhizome can be removed while it continues to grow. Don't buy grocery store ginger rhizome because it could be coated in pesticides, get it of someone who already grow ginger or purchase from a garden center and choose the fresh, plump, tight skin rhizomes with several eye buds on it. Soak the ginger rhizome overnight in warm water to remove any toxic chemicals. Put the rhizome in the pot with rich, well drained soil with its eye bud pointed up and cover it with soil. The soil should remain moist but never soaking.

ginger potato recipe

Healthy and tasty ginger potato recipe

Perfect ginger potato combination, interesting and fresh taste of plain potato, hot from the oven and distinctive aroma of ginger.

healthy ginger carrot soup recipe

Healthy ginger and carrot soup recipe

This beautiful and delicious, low fat ginger soup is a healthy and absolutely lovely lunch or dinner and can also calm an upset stomach or boost your immune system.