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Hot peppers are a lot of fun and a breeze to grow, but sometimes frustrating as the germination can be slow. If you know what you are doing growing hot peppers can be very rewarding. There are thousands of hot pepper varieties, so be sure to get the type you prefer the most. For maximum production grow hot peppers in full sun and protect them from wind, make sure they get enough water but don't over water because they had to dry off as well. The soil should be rich in organic matter and with pH between 6.0 and 6.8. Hot peppers are more or less light feeders therefore avoid over fertilization and also avoid planting where other members of the Solanaceae family have recently grown. Soak the hot pepper seeds overnight and sow them 1/4 inch deep 8 weeks before the last frost, spacing depends on variety. Hot peppers are usually harvested at an immature stage in 60 to 95 days after sowing, but can be harvested at any stage of their growth. Just keep in mind, only fully matured plants have a fully develop flavor.

hot peppers filled with cheese recipe

Hot peppers filled with cheese recipe

My husband and I love this really tasty and awesome hot peppers filled with cheese recipe and you going to, if you love HOT and delicious.

healthy hot pepper sauce reipe

Healthy hot pepper sauce recipe

I love this spicy sauce recipe with hot peppers and other fresh vegetables. Beautiful strong flavor makes this spicy hot pepper sauce a unique cooking experience.