Category: Tips for growing leeks

Delicious and nutritious leeks with an unfair reputation for being complicated to grow are remarkably easy to propagate from seed. The beauty about this winter staple is in fact that they can be grown well in all climates. Leeks need a sunny, sheltered site with a well drained, fertile soil, high in organic matter and pH between 6.0 and 6.8. Because of their compact, upright growth this mild flavored onion family crop can be squeezed into small space or in a border. Sow leek seeds indoors 10 weeks before the last expected spring frost in pots, or outside in loose soil with well rotted organic matter. Leeks are heavy feeders and they like consistent soil moisture. You can start harvesting leeks from the ground by lifting carefully with a fork from summer, but they can remain in the ground through the winter.

healthy leek salad recipe

Healthy and elegant leek and egg salad

Brilliant, nutritious, easy to make, healthy and tasty fresh leek and egg salad is perfect solution for quick bite or elegant starter.

healthy leek soup recipe

Healthy and delicious leek soup recipe

This beautifully smooth leek soup with a full flavor is really quick and easy to make. Simple, delicious, and satisfying are good words to describe this comforting leek soup.