Category: Tips for growing mushrooms

Growing mushrooms is easier than you think. The keys to growing mushrooms are finding low light, cool, moist, and humid growing environment and making or acquiring mushroom spawn. Oyster mushrooms are perfect choice for beginners because they are the easiest species to grow. Mushrooms grow from tiny spores, not from seeds and they need organic matter in their growing medium because they do not have chlorophyll. Put your treated and inoculate compost in recommended conditions and the compost with primoidia in recommended environment after little mushrooms start to appear. The right time for mushroom harvesting is just before spores are released.

Mushrooms stuffed cream cheese recipe

Mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese recipe

This starter dish is one of my favorite. Smooth texture of mushrooms in combination with light stuffing, rounded with warm touch of butter. So easy, simple, yet rich and tasteful. Just brilliant!

healthy mushroom soup recipe

Healthy fresh mushroom soup recipe

Mushroom soup is a ridiculously easy to make and ultimate comfort food. I love this deep, rich soup with intensely earthy flavor.