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Growing up to a foot high parsley is an easy to grow biennial plant, but because the leaf flavor is lost in the second season it's best to start new plants each year. This sweet herb will thrive in ordinary soil in sun or partial shade. Curled parsley is a bit less heat tolerant and has a more ruffled appearance than flat leafed one. The key to growing parsley from seed is patience, as parsley seed germination is notoriously slow, and it should be soaked in warm water for at least 24 hours prior to planting to speed up germination. Plant the seeds in moist weed free soil near asparagus, corn, and tomatoes in early spring in rows 10 to 12 inches apart. Throughout the summer water your parsley at least once a week. Harvest the parsley slowly throughout the season by cutting the leafy stems from the base of the plant because harvesting from the top of the plant will reduce yield.

parsley potato recipe recipe

Healthy fresh parsley potato recipe

Spice up your potatoes. Nice twist for potato side dish is parsley, healthy and tasty addition of green to the beautiful smooth potato.

healthy parsley soup recipe

Healthy traditional parsley soup recipe

This traditional fresh parsley soup is delicious, healthy, green and vibrantly flavored and it is brilliant, hot or cold.