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Growing succulent, healthful peaches right at home can be fun and rewarding. This semi hardy deciduous woody perennial tree with delicious fruits thrive in an area where they can soak up a lots of sunshine and become ripened juicy perfections. The care of a early blooming peach trees is not too difficult but be sure to avoid low areas because the precious flowering buds are relatively susceptible to damage by rapid temperature drops and one frost can wiped them out, they will tolerate partial shade but the yield will be diminished. Most peaches are self fertile, but when the weather is cool and there are very few pollinating insects around peaches, we advise you to encourage more fruit by pollinating open blooms by hand and stay away from chemicals which can harm bees and other beneficial insects. Water peaches regularly to keep the soil evenly moist, not wet and mulch around the trees in early spring to retain soil moisture. When fruits are growing too close together during the summer they will need thinning to ensure you have a better crop and larger, tasting fruits. Fruit is ready for harvesting when they are fully ripe with no green left on and the flesh near the stalk gives slightly to the touch, but be careful because some varieties bruise very easily.

peach cheesecake recipe

Fresh peach cheesecake recipe

There is no fruit that you cannot use for a cheesecake. Specific for peaches is their silky texture, they add the creamy quality to dessert. Follow our easy instructions and easily surprise your loved ones by homemade beautiful peach cheesecake.

summer peach salad recipe

Summer fresh peach salad recipe

This stunning homemade salad with soft sweet fresh peaches is a delight and one of my favorite summertime dishes, simple enough to be delicious and beautifully light weeknight meal.