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Pears are a delicious treat and one of the joys of autumn which you can grow in small yard spaces and enjoy the unique flavor of this second most important deciduous tree fruit after apple. This cross pollination trees tolerate harsh winters and warm summers but they are vulnerable to frost in early spring. Pears need at least two different trees to pollinate and the trees should be planted fairly close together. Key to the success is a sunny, sheltered site with any fertile, well-drained soil and good air circulation in the winter or early spring. Pruning is a very important, prune your trees regularly and lightly, just remove dead, damaged or diseased branches. Water the young trees well during dry spells and every week for the first year, but don't over water because pear trees roots need to be moist but not waterlogged. Pears are unique and need to be harvested just before they are fully ripened but still hard.

roasted pears recipe

Fantastically delicious roasted pears recipe

Fantastically delicious, taste of roasted pears is absolutely perfect. Sweet dessert, easy to make and very presentable, roasted pears will single handedly, turn ordinary meal into an elegant dinner.

pear salad recipe

Incredibly delicious fresh pear salad recipe

This an incredibly delicious, yet really easy to make salad with fresh juicy, sweet pears is one of the best salad I've ever eaten and quick enough to be the busy night family dinner.