Category: Tips for growing plums

Growing reliable plum trees is not too difficult and it is a good and rewarding choice for beginner gardeners to have a good harvest of delicious fruit. Plant more than one type of plum tree fairly close together in well drained but moisture retentive, moderately fertile soil in a location with full sun where it will be protected from cold wind, because plum trees produce white flowers early in spring which can be killed by frost. Care of plum trees is not difficult and requires less effort than most fruit trees. Prune plum trees lightly in spring or summer to avoid infection, thin to prevent branches breaking under the weight and water the young trees heavily. Harvest plums when they are ripe and feel soft when gently squeezed. Use only a slight twist to pick and be carefully not to bruise them.

plum dumplings recipe

Fresh plum potato dumplings recipe

Sweet plum dumplings are made of potato dough and filled with whole plums, just like grandmas were doing. While indulging your sweet tooth, plum dumplings will warm your hart too.

spicy plum sauce recipe

Spicy and very tasty plum sauce recipe

This very tasty, light brown plum sauce is delicious and full of flavor. It is a great gift that you can keep in the fridge for the foodie in your family.