Category: Tips for growing savoy cabbage

Easy to grow, resilient, savoy cabbage is a cold weather crop but you can grow it during any season. This delicious, highly nutritious super food grows best in the spring and fall and tastes best when it has been touched by frost. Savoy cabbage grow best in well-drained, moist, fertile soil. Plant the seeds ½ inch deep spaced 3 inches apart, after about 2 weeks space rows 18 to 24 inches apart. Keep your plants well watered but don't to over water them. You should harvest entire savoy cabbage plant before turn brown and become too old and tough, usually 80-90 days from seed, or cut individual leaves when the plant is 10 inches high.

savoy cabbage salad recipe

Fresh savoy cabbage salad recipe

This fresh savoy cabbage salad is full of colors, crunchy and refreshing. Follow the simple instructions and this colorful salad will be on your table in no time at all.

savoy cabbage bread recipe

Healthy savoy cabbage bread recipe

Savoy cabbage bread with a glass of milk or tea will make a whole breakfast, healthy and energizing. Try it, it’s not hard to do and here we have video to help in preparation.

savoy cabbage lemon muffins recipe

Savoy cabbage and lemon muffins recipe

This savoy cabbage and lemon muffins recipe is a perfect combination of healthy and delicious, and nice way to get your kids to eat more vegetables.

baked egg savoy cabbage cups recipe

Baked egg in savoy cabbage cups

Breakfast for children, or starter for the parties, Baked egg in savoy cabbage cups are great choice either way. Combination of colors and tastes is irresistible and it’s naturally served in a muffin size. Just a perfect way to start a day.

polenta lasagna savoy cabbage mushrooms recipe

Polenta lasagna with savoy cabbage and mushrooms

Healthy and economic, polenta lasagna combined with freshness of savoy cabbage and rich texture of mushrooms and that beautiful béchamel smoothness is smart choice and fun making at the same time.

Savoy cabbage sweet potato pizza

Healthy pizza, easy to make, brilliant way to get your children to love vegetables in the meals and introduce versatility into your family diet.

pasta savoy cabbage roast chicken recipe

Pasta with savoy cabbage and roast chicken

What I really love about this recipe is how quick is prepared and it has everything included, it’s hot meal and it’s quite possible to fall in love with pasta savoy cabbage combination.

savoy cabbage rolls recipe

Brilliant savoy cabbage rolls recipe

Brilliant recipe, fresh savoy cabbage rolls with meat are nutritious and very healthy meal and savoy cabbage is almost always available in supermarkets.

savoy cabbage soup recipe

Healthy savoy cabbage soup recipe

This wonderful, quick, delicious, and nutritious savoy cabbage soup will delight your taste buds and warm you on a cold winter night.