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Spinach is most satisfying cool weather plant and one among the first greens ready to harvest. This fast easy growing vegetable prefers full sun but will produce a respectable harvest in partial shade, especially the summer types. When it comes to vegetable gardening spinach is one of the most satisfying crops to grow. Spinach grows most quickly in well-drained, fertile, slightly alkaline soil with pH from 6.5 to 7.5, high in organic matter and well watered during dry periods in summer because the heat and long days will end your crop. You can plant the spinach as soon as the ground is soft in late winter or in fall, seven weeks before your first fall frost date. Space plants 12 inches apart, as the plants grow, gradually thin them. Beyond thinning, no cultivation is necessary. Harvest the spinach leaves continually by pulling the entire plants as soon as they are big enough or they are going to become bitter.

spinach muffin recipe

Healthy spinach muffins recipe for kids

Great way to make kids love spinach is to incorporate it into adorable food like muffins. Spinach is actually very tasty, with just a little bit of effort, kids will learn that spinach is not just a mush like in their kindergarten.

healthy spinach soup recipe

Healthful fresh spinach soup recipe

This delicious vibrant green, lovely, healthy spinach soup has a very strong flavor and can be served with a slice of crusty bread.