Category: Tips for growing strawberries

The best strawberries you will ever taste are the ones from your garden. Strawberries are incredibly easy to grow if you have full sun and they are many times tastier than the supermarket ones. Success with strawberries depends on your understanding of their life cycle. They need a long days and warm temperatures for leaves growth and cool temperatures for flower formation. In the spring choose your planting site carefully, a deep, sandy loam soil, with a pH between 5.5 and 6.8, free of perennial weeds, well drained and rich in organic matter. Plan to plant strawberries in the spring in the holes deep and wide enough to accommodate the entire root system and irrigate immediately after planting. Provide adequate space for sprawling and be sure to control all weeds that emerge during the growing season. Pick strawberries when they are fully red by cutting the stem, do not pull.

panna cotta strawberry recipe

Strawberry panna cotta recipe

This refreshing, creamy, beautiful panna cotta or cooked cream with a fresh strawberries is so delicious and perfect dessert for summer days. Very simple, yet restaurant quality desert, easy made and served as perfect end of the meal.

strawberry roll ups recipe

Homemade strawberry roll up recipe

This marvelous homemade roll ups with tasteful strawberries are healthy and natural way to satisfy your child's sweet tooth and enjoy a better version of the childhood snack.

strawberry ice cube recipe

Colorful strawberry ice cube recipe

This strawberry ice cubes are a jolly good way to decorate your delicious juices and cocktails and cool them at the same time, and you can make them at the drop of a hat, literally.

strawberry chocolate block recipe

Strawberry chocolate block recipe

This brilliantly delicious milk chocolate block with a yummy fresh strawberries is unique and so super easy to make with just TWO ingredients, yes indeed, you heard me right, just TWO ingredients.

strawberry banana muffins recipe

Strawberry banana muffins recipe

The best early summer combination, banana and strawberry for breakfast or snack. And all that in a world favorite, His Majesty Muffin.

white chocolate strawberry cookies recipe

White chocolate strawberry cookies recipe

Soft and delicate cookies and a perfect combination of fresh strawberries and beautiful white chocolate flavor in a soft cookie.

strawberry ghosts recipe

How to make strawberry ghosts

Double fun, no-time preparation, strawberries covered with white chocolate and you will enjoy to make these snacks for kids. Creative way to engage kids in preparation and also very tasty snack, ghosts with that strawberry flavor.

strawberry granita recipe

Strawberry granita recipe

Frozen dessert, requires no especial ice-cream makers, just freezer and fork. Easy to make, granita is a one of the ways to enjoy strawberries.

cheesecake stuffed strawberries recipe

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries recipe

Delicious combination of fresh strawberries and creamy cheese. Great snack for kids, perfect for birthday parties.

strawberry sauce recipe

Brilliant strawberry sauce recipe

Easy to make and store, homemade strawberry sauce does not waste much place in the refrigerator. Ready to be served on ice cream, pancakes or steak.