Category: Tips for growing zucchini

Zucchini is a easy and fast growing delicious squash with variety of shapes and colors. This vine crops grow most vigorously in warm weather, full sun and compost rich, well-drained soil. Zucchini plant take up relatively little space and produce large amounts of delicious squash. If you choose to grow your zucchini from seeds or from transplants, individually or grouped on hills. If you choose to start seeds indoors best time to sow is 2 to 4 weeks before last spring frost, but direct seeding is better because vine crop can be damaged in transplanting. To provide air circulation and discourage disease avoid too much zucchini, you can achieve that by planting 2-3 seeds 36 inches apart and about an inch deep. Zucchini flowers are typically pollinated by bees from male flowers to female ones. Harvest zucchini when is young and tender for the best flavor. Harvest often and don't left large ones on vine, because yield will decline or harvest when vines are wet, because that is the common way for diseases to spread.

zucchini smoothie recipe

Healthful fresh zucchini smoothie recipe

Zucchinis are great for smoothies because of their watery flesh. Make this easy and refreshing zucchini smoothie following our easy instructions in the video.

how to dry zucchini

How to dry zucchini in a dehydrator

Dried zucchini as a snack or as an addition to soups and stews, use it as your wish. It’s easy to make, especially with some of those fantastic dehydrators.

zucchini pizza recipe

Summer zucchini pizza recipe

Easy to make, surprisingly bountiful, zucchini pizza in early summer can be real star, first taste of the lighter summer diet.

stuffed cheese zucchini boats recipe

Stuffed cheese zucchini boats recipe

Creamy taste of the filling and melting freshness of zucchini makes this stuffed cheese zucchini boats perfect choice for children’s snack. Having small children makes each meal a small battle, struggle with their huge need to eat absolutely nothing healthful, or just absolutely nothing at all. This food made in small boat-like pieces helps me to gain advantage.

zucchini salad recipe

Hot and fast zucchini salad recipe

Easy to make, zucchini salad is the good choice for fast light meal. Ingredients could be already in the refrigerator. And best thing is that choice of the vegetables is absolutely up to you. Follow our suggestion in the video instructions.

zucchini wraps recipe

Healthful fresh zucchini wraps recipe

This healthful wraps made of row vegetables, full of tastes of summer, can be served as starter or salad. However it’s served, it will brighten the table and make vegetables to look better in the eyes of children.

zucchini butter recipe

Healthful fresh zucchini butter recipe

Make this healthful zucchini butter, it’s delicious, good for you and light on the figure, and also easy to make, which is as important as the rest. Just perfect!

zucchini bread recipe

Fresh zucchini sweet bread recipe

Delicious homemade sweet zucchini bread, so easy to make, bountiful and inexpensive. Combines well with zucchini butter, check out our video instructions how to make zucchini butter too.

zucchini soup recipe

Healthy and delicious zucchini soup recipe

A smooth zucchini soup is easy to make and tastes like it's full of cream. This delicious soup is a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables and my family have been enjoying eating this easy soup for a years.