zucchini butter recipe

Healthful fresh zucchini butter recipe

Make this healthful zucchini butter, it’s delicious, good for you and light on the figure, and also easy to make, which is as important as the rest. Just perfect!

zucchini bread recipe

Fresh zucchini sweet bread recipe

Delicious homemade sweet zucchini bread, so easy to make, bountiful and inexpensive. Combines well with zucchini butter, check out our video instructions how to make zucchini butter too.

zucchini soup recipe

Healthy and delicious zucchini soup recipe

A smooth zucchini soup is easy to make and tastes like it's full of cream. This delicious soup is a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables and my family have been enjoying eating this easy soup for a years.

plum dumplings recipe

Fresh plum potato dumplings recipe

Sweet plum dumplings are made of potato dough and filled with whole plums, just like grandmas were doing. While indulging your sweet tooth, plum dumplings will warm your hart too.

spicy plum sauce recipe

Spicy and very tasty plum sauce recipe

This very tasty, light brown plum sauce is delicious and full of flavor. It is a great gift that you can keep in the fridge for the foodie in your family.

parsley potato recipe recipe

Healthy fresh parsley potato recipe

Spice up your potatoes. Nice twist for potato side dish is parsley, healthy and tasty addition of green to the beautiful smooth potato.

healthy parsley soup recipe

Healthy traditional parsley soup recipe

This traditional fresh parsley soup is delicious, healthy, green and vibrantly flavored and it is brilliant, hot or cold.

onion rings recipe

Crispy onion rings recipe

Onion rings are adorable food, kids will love it even if they usually avoid onions in the plate. Check our easy instructions video and bring to table this crispy worm surprise.

healthy onion soup recipe

Healthy and delicious onion soup recipe

This humble but brilliant onion soup is a delicious example of good and healthy cooking, and the best onion soup you will ever have.

peach cheesecake recipe

Fresh peach cheesecake recipe

There is no fruit that you cannot use for a cheesecake. Specific for peaches is their silky texture, they add the creamy quality to dessert. Follow our easy instructions and easily surprise your loved ones by homemade beautiful peach cheesecake.